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After you and your party decide to join one of our tours, please contact us right away to see if there is space available for the tour you are interested in. Click the BOOK NOW button next to whichever tour you desire or email us to do so. Depending on availability, you and your party will receive applications and be asked to provide the initial deposit to secure your spaces. We will guide you through the rest of the process, such as: booking your flights, preparation, and other administrative needs. If you would like to request a group tour (group size bigger than 12 people), click here.


The ground cost for an all-inclusive tour ranges from $2,600-$3,000, based on the season and size of the group. This price does not include the flight portion of the tour; each person is responsible to book their flight according to the tour dates given by Tirosh Expeditions. Booking your own flight gives participants more flexibility to fly from their originating cities, which can lower the cost of the flights. As mentioned above, the ground cost of $2,600 is based on the full group. Depending on the size of the group or the tour season, the price can fluctuate. Tirosh Expeditions will notify you prior to departure to give you the final ground cost for the tour. Please review the Terms & Conditions for detailed information on tour cost.

Tours We Offer:

Experience the Land of the Bible

Experience the Land of the Bible tour is an expedition specific to first-timers. This is a foundational tour that covers basics essential to understanding the more advanced tours. This tour gives an overview and wide variety of the places of the Bible traversing from Mt. Hermon all the way down to Ein Gedi.

Women of the Bible*

The Women of the Bible tour brings front and center 25 women left to the shadows of history. During this expedition, you will study women from both the Old and New Testament who exercised great faith in God. You will learn of how these women challenged their culture while the land of Israel brings forth exciting cultural context to challenge current beliefs of these women. Studying how Jesus treated women is telling of the impact these women's faith have throughout history.

Gospel of John*

The Gospel of John tour is a unique experience to study the entire book of the Bible together. You will learn the various cultural meanings that are critical to understanding many of the stories told through this beloved apostle’s account of Jesus. The locations of the event that unfold in the book of John reveal much about the story behind the story. This tour emphasizes the upper room discourse (from the washing of the disciples feet to the last supper). The Gospel of John tour paints a beautiful picture of who Jesus is, where He went, why He went where He did, and how He interacted with the masses, all leading to a more encompassing picture of the lamb of God.

Footsteps of David*

This tour is also known as the Life of David tour because you will examine the rise and fall of King David by following his footsteps to the exact locations mentioned in the Bible. Geographical landscape adds incredible insight necessary to solidly grasp the context of even the most famous stories such as David and Goliath. Archaeology, history, and culture help frame this tour by giving essential context to the locations of the stories of the Bible; you will leave understanding the fuller picture of the story rather than knowing a concept of the myth. This tour features an incredible Negev desert experience where you will spend a night camping to get a glimpse of David character development during his time in the wilderness.

Spiritual Warfare*

The Spiritual Warfare tour examines the lessons from Biblical war stories in the places they occurred, and how we can apply them to the spiritual battles in our daily lives. You will study the actual war, but also the spiritual significance it has within the scripture. For example, in the story of Gideon, warfare was not taking place because of Gideon’s gifts, but because God worked through Gideon. In addition to scripture, this tour examines modern warfare, the miracles that happened in the 6 Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and how God’s wondrous works are not yet finished but are still to be worked out through warfare today.

Parables of Jesus*

The Parables of Jesus tour delves into the specific purpose and use of parables throughout the Gospels. You will learn how something as simple as agricultural context is essential to actually understanding the parable of the camel going through the eye of the needle. The parables can be easily misinterpreted due to a lack of cultural context, but on this tour you will encounter the hands-on context the parables require for full comprehension.

Upcoming Tours:

  • The Life of Christ
  • The Gospel of Mark
  • Specialized/Group Tours (INQUIRE)

*Tours with an asterisk are IN-DEPTH study tours. They feature Hebrew and Greek word studies that investigate the words used in the Bible for a deeper understanding of the context for that story.


All of our expeditions are Christian Study Tours, meaning they are educational tours aiming to explore and experience Israel while being empowered by the Bible and the context of the land.

If you are looking for a tour revolving around/focused on sightseeing and leisure, please contact Israel Tourism. There are requirements to participate in our tours, and we reserve the right to contact your Pastor or leaders to inquire more information about you. This is to protect the integrity of our tours and other participants. Please be sure that our tour is right for you before registering.


We have a set number of expeditions each year. All of our tours are small and private, ranging from as little as ten to a maximum of 19 people per group. We operate out of a 20 passenger bus, which gives us excellent mobility and flexibility to explore the land. By having a limited number of tours each year, we can guarantee outstanding service throughout the duration of your stay.