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If you dream of one day visiting the land of the Bible, you are not alone! Christians from all over the world desire to take the meaningful journey to the place where our faith began and where our Savior once walked. Tirosh Expeditions is an Israel-based Christian Study Tour agency. Our motto is "Experience, Explore, and Be Empowered" because the vision of Tirosh Expeditions aims to help believers EXPERIENCE the land of the Bible.

As you EXPLORE Israel, our goal is to EMPOWER you through this life-changing adventure. Our dedicated staff provides memorable experiences for Christian pilgrims from every country. All of our tours intend to give participants a broader understanding of the Word of God. Each tour focuses on the land of the Bible, history, culture, and geography: all vital elements to understanding the context of the Bible.

I remember when I visited Israel for the first time in 2006. I could not believe how much I did not know about the Bible, even with years of reading. Our mission is to offer the opportunity to Christians to go to Israel, so they can truly experience the land. I pray that you will prayerfully consider joining one of Tirosh Expeditions’ tours soon. Shalom and Baruch HaShem (Peace and Blessed be God).

Ji Yun
Owner | Operator